Small business branding matters more than you think.

You might wonder what would be the point of small business branding. But think, what’s the first thing you think about if I say ‘golden arches?’ If you thought McDonald’s, you’d be 100% correct. But you would likely also think of other things like fast service and 24 hour a day meals. McDonald’s as an example, has their whole brand strongly integrated into everything they do. Think of any major player in retail and you’ll notice the same. This isn’t some new fad, major news sources like Forbes have even written about the value that branding can have on your business. We can help you leverage the power of branding to clearly communicate your business identity and establish lasting connections with your customers.

Establish trust

With your professional brand in play, customers can feel confident shopping at a business that is strong, trustworthy and professional. Establish the psychological connections to your new clients from the start and have them become your biggest supporters.

Control the narrative

It’s crucially important to have people speak well of your brand. With a strong brand identity, you can create a seamless identity across your marketing, website and more. Customers will strongly identify your brand identity with your product or service.

Create Loyalty

Grow your own tribe of supporters by having consumers believe in your brand. Create and emotional connection to your product or service. Deliver on your promise of customer satisfaction and watch the number of patrons grow.


100% Italian fruit sorbet infused with top shelf liquor : “An Adult Indulgence with a Healthy Twist”

Back Story:

Buzz Pop Cocktails is a one-of-a-kind adult portable cocktail, infused with top shelf liquor. The unique patent pending process of freezing alcohol coupled with the 100% real fruit sorbet, lends itself to become a breakthrough product for the millennial crowds.  Buzz Pop Cocktails is a funded start-up with global reach created by a father-son partnership, each with their own subject area expertise, had just about everything they needed except for a brand and digital marketing strategy.
> Brand positioning
> No Brand architecture
> Logo didn’t meet the sophistication of their target audience
> Website messaging required delineation of audiences
> Undefined digital marketing strategy

Create Buzz brought their Fortune 50 branding and small business branding expertise to this startup by designing a brand architecture that highlighted seasonal offerings  to create a brand identity focused on the millennial market. Those Millennials who demand better buying options, are willing to pay more for high quality products that are fresh, unique and healthy. Buzz Pop Cocktails is unique with it’s proprietary method alongside their ingredient integrity. This brand is positioned to be a slam dunk with millennials and event attendees.

> By segmenting the products into seasonal offerings it created exclusivity in the market
> Redesign the logo so that it reflects a modern and clean aesthetic – just like the product
> Rename the products so that they are fun and relevant
> Create a narrative for each product so that it reads just as delicious as it tastes
> Design a clear and concise digital marketing strategy targeting millennials
> Update the website so that it reads as a beautiful story of invention and innovation with the coolest thing in a trending market.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.

– Seth Godin