January 19 - 22, 2017
Pensacola Beach, Florida
You’re on this page because you’ve realized that the success that you’ve achieved thus far has not been able to get you to the next level. Or maybe, you're at the point where you are looking for the next chapter in your career; some reinvention perhaps?  

Well... let's reflect on a meaningful idea we have for you... 
Smart entrepreneurs like you understand the power of mentorship and coaching. As someone who is going to join us at the Mile High Mastermind, you’ve made the decision that you deserve more for your career and for your life.

Whether it’s creating a brand, figuring out what offers make sense to attract the right customers, or how to broadcast your message using the latest in digital strategies, the fact is: you are beginning the next level of your journey… 
"You delivered the most relevant training I have EVER experienced."
Angie Robinson, Owner
Rocky Mountain Revive

As Tony Robbins says, “Success Leaves Clues” so we will focus on the success patterns that you will want to emulate. 
  • Discover your why and clearly articulate the vision for your business
  • Learn how to create an attraction marketing schema that draws your Ideal Customers towards you
  • Nail down the essential core values for your business so that you can hire the best people who, by natural extension of their personality, are amazing brand ambassadors
  • Identify your brand personality so that in every piece of communication you and your team are sending out is congruent to your prospects and customers
  • Nail down your USP so that the world sees exactly what makes you different from your competitors
  • Discover mindset essentials that will help you craft your success
  • Create your irresistible offer that draws your Ideal Customer into your sales funnel 
  • Walk away with a blue print for your website with a clear understanding of how to convert more website visitors
  • Learn why speed to execution will build the momentum you are looking for
  • Tap into your “Super Power” which will help you shape your brand’s story
  • In addition, you’ll walk away understanding the monetization strategy that will help you create the multiple streams of income you’ve been dreaming aboutAwesome Feature - Super Cool Thing #1
  • And So Much More...
"I am so lifted, inspired, ready to move forward..."
Judy Carlson
Mountain Financial
This mastermind immersion weekend will facilitate the process of tapping into new opportunities, recognize any limitations, all while collaborating with fellow business owners who are on the same journey to reaching their own potential for success. 

Did we mention we're all about having fun? Yeah... that goes with the territory... 

1. Your Branding Journal - This is the equivalent of the foundation of your home. It's the foundation upon which you build your business. It's the all important 'why' and 'what'.

2. Your Message Map - It guides the 'how' and 'when' of what you create to attract and keep your ideal customers.

3. Your Marketing Mix - Which is the defined ecosystem of how to amplify your message and drive traffic 

4. The Ascension Ladder - How you extend the lifetime value of your customers, so they come often, buy more and tell others...

You will also discover the secrets to exceptional customer experiences that keeps your customers coming back more often, buying more and telling others.

In a nutshell, these are the specifics on HOW to make your business successful.  

The Masterminding continues as we jump online for three Zoom sessions (once a week for three weeks) so we can track your progress and answer your questions.  We also have closed Facebook Group to continue collaboration and to foster fellowship where we check in for on the fly coaching for a sixty day period. 

No worries, the group will remain beyond the sixty days. 
We’ll review your business, what’s worked, where you are and what you have yet to discover. Let’s think differently.

Learn the skills to duplicate our unique methodology of converting 'suspects' into clients.  Move them in minutes from 'Rapport to Relationship to Trust' -- close more sales with qualified customers.

You'll discover the powerful CREATE Model that shows you exactly how to build a business that sets you up for sustainable growth.

Using what you learned in Part 1 as a springboard, we will walk you through an extensive strategic plan that covers all the business essentials to build your brand story and attract your Ideal Customers.

Now that you have perspective on what a great plan looks like, together we'll give life to your vision.

Beginning with branding essentials, your superpower, what makes you unique in the marketplace, what to sell your customers and where to find them, these are the key exercises MOST businesses never experience (and why they waste time and money on marketing that doesn't convert into sales). 

"I cannot event describe what it's like to sit with 9 other entrepreneurs who are just chomping at the bit to live outside their comfort zone, to succeed, to serve others and to serve themselves. Thank you Pamela & Patty."
Vicki Pollack
Health & Wellness Expert
The breathtaking views and raw nature will provide plenty of inspiration each day.
First class accommodations that lend itself to total immersion into the creative process required for ideation at the highest level.  Please count on shared room accommodations*   
No distractions, just focused attention on you and your business, alongside amazing entrepreneurs just like you!    

Your Mastermind investment covers all of the essentials for a great event:: 

> Lodging for all 3 nights in our shared luxury home 
> Thursday night cocktail party and appetizers
> Breakfast, lunch and snacks Friday, Saturday & Sunday
> Everything you need to make your experience exceptional

You just show up and leave the rest to us… 
Welcome to beautiful Pensacola Beach, Florida! 

Located just 30 miles south of Pensacola International Airport, you'll experience the beauty of the gulf coast and the white sand beaches. Our beach house has a private swimming pool and views of the water; a perfect retreat so that you can focus on the most important parts of your business. 
Head back home with a road map that specifically describes what you do, why you do it and how you do it. This is exactly what you need to get further faster with less frustration. 
Patty & Pamela facilitate the highest level of collaboration in their masterminds. The level of creative thinking is something their high paying clients pay multiple 5 figures for. Now it's being made available to you for a fraction of the investment. 
"Thank you Pamela & Patty for the tools
to fulfilling my destiny."
Mia Perez, Founder
VIVA, a very important movement serving
the Latina community
“This was a transformative weekend, and I don’t want to leave! I love the way Pamela & Patty made me feel about my work. They helped me find my greater purpose and all the clutter in my mind that was preventing me from taking the next step is gone. I feel such a sense of relief that finally I’m able to express what makes me unique from every other business out there like mine. I have clarity about who I want to work with, where I can find them and how to create an attractive offer that draws them towards me. I thought I knew marketing, but they have such a fresh approach and it’s so authentic and smart!”

Pamela Herrmann

Create Buzz Co-Founder 
Best selling author
Customer Experience Nerd 
Camping Addict 
Carb Loader 
Main Street Maven
Baseball Mom 
Loves Family, Connecting w/ People & Heart Centered Businesses 
Pamela's recent book, The Customer Manifesto was ranked #3 by as a customer service book every business owner should read. She is the host of the Customers For Life Podcast and national speaker on the subject of creating uncommonly awesome connections with customers, Pamela has a very big vision of helping 1 million companies leverage customer loyalty in the digital age. 

She has influenced thousands of entrepreneurs with her straight talk about growing an online business and has worked with the good people of jetBlue, State of New Jersey Main Street Program, Colorado Main Streets, Downtown Colorado, Inc., Oklahoma Main Street Authority, North Carolina Main Streets, Iowa Main Streets, Threads Worldwide and has coached hundreds of entrepreneurs.

Pamela is a life-long entrepreneur and small business owner. She lives in Denver with her two (mostly well behaved) teenagers and spends her free time in the mountains of Colorado or watching her son play youth baseball.

Patty Dominguez

Create Buzz Co-Founder 
Business Strategy Nerd 
City Girl 
Sushi Lover
Podcast & Book Addict 
Improv Aficionado 
Martini snob
Loves Family, Laughing & Client Breakthroughs 
Patty is a strategic, multidisciplinary recovering Corporate Executive with a long tenure working with Fortune 50 Global brands in marketing services, managing well over nine figures in spend, as well as working in management consulting with companies such as Kraft Foods (and their portfolio of brands), McDonald's, Hormel, Chipotle and countless other companies. In 2012, she left her cushy job to pursue entrepreneurship. 

Patty is passionate about helping small business establish their strategic direction so that they can see sustainable growth and thrive. She now focuses on strategy and content creation that is easy to understand and apply for the CREATE Buzz community. 

Patty is also the founder & co-host of the Boss Free Society podcast. She lives in Chicago with her husband, 2 teenage boys and 2 chihuahuas. When she's not working, you'll probably find her doing cliche mom stuff and working hard to figure this whole work/life balance thing out. 
The Mile High Mastermind investment has been designed so that you have the walk away with a blueprint for your business success. 

Finally, the clarity you require to get you to amplify your message and grow your business. Because you'll have specifics outlined, all you need to do is get into action and implement what you've learned. 


- We'll be masterminding together on branding and marketing starting with a meet 'n greet cocktail party on Thursday evening,  All Day sessions Friday & Saturday, departing on Sunday 
($25,000 value for coaching alone) 

- Your investment includes lodging in a beautiful luxury home; meals including: breakfast, lunch and snacks (and a bevvie or two in between during your stay)  ($1,000+ value)


- Three Zoom online hangouts, 90 minutes each,  to help hot seat our participants, help answer questions and/or just to check in and participate in accountability challenges we have to keep you on track  ($2,000 value)

- A private Facebook group where Patty & Pam provide coaching for sixty days after the event. We pop in and help answer questions and help shortcut your time to implement all you have learned at the event.  (coaching $2,000+  value)

As you can see, the full package has a value of more than 10x the investment.  The mastermind event is setup this way by design:  we're keeping it small to ensure that there's the opportunity to really collaborate and help you with your personal business questions.  

Additionally, the connections that transpire over these three days are sure to extend into friendships well beyond the event.  The sense of community is incredible. 

We're ready to help you rock out 2017 and have a whole lot of fun along the way... 


( or 2 payments of $1,600)

We will proceed with payment only if your application is approved.
Just click on this link below to get started: 

"If you are a small business and looking to get your business online or understand how to market your business online, what Pam & Patty can do for you is absolutely brilliant. 
You absolutely deserve to work with them - they are amazing individuals."

Curt Maly 

Black Box Social Media

"The information you share is awesome... 
You guys are so engaging with the whole audience.  It was interactive and so alive"

Krystal Bergan

Main Street, North Carolina

"It's great to see information given in a tangible way to help business owners know how to go from point A to point B, especially speaking in a way that excites them.  

It teaches you how to be better"

David Joyner

Joyner Media